GiveGetWin Summer Camp: 10th June 2017 to 25th June 2017

This June 10th to 25th at UChicago’s Polsky Exchange, we’re having a group of talented, hard-working, high-achieving people coming in to learn entrepreneurship skills hands-on while supporting charity in the process.

Support For Traveling Students With Homestays

About one-third of the class is from the Chicago area, one-third are from the rest of the United States, and one third are international: we have attendees from Canada, Europe, South America, and Asia.

These are incredibly bright and talented people: we’re honored to have in our group attendees who have won national Olympiads in science for their home country, who are captains of their athletic teams, and who have pioneered leadership in the nonprofit world and in campus life.

Many attendees have funds to stay on-campus or sort out their own accommodation, but you can help support a rising leader by offering a homestay from the 6th to 21st.

If You Have a Spare Bedroom or Couch…

Please write to if you’re interested in having someone for a homestay, along with a brief description of the living quarters you can offer. Safety is a core priority for our attendees, so we’ll want to do some basic vetting before passing your information on.

If you’re not immediately in the Hyde Park / UChicago area, please also include how far away you are by public transit from campus. The program takes place at UChicago’s entrepreneurship center at the Polsky Exchange:

Polsky Exchange North
1452 E 53rd Street
Chicago, IL 60615

If You’re A Member of Campus Greek Life…

We’ve got confirmed attendees and program mentors who are part of UChicago Greek life. If you’re a member of fraternity or sorority at UChicago and there’s available campus housing, please reach out to

Courtesy, Being a Great Guest, and Supporting Those Who Support the Program

We’ve selected people who are both high-achieving and have that mix of humility and graciousness that makes for future leaders. Additionally, we’ll brief any attendee who is interested in a homestay on ensuring they’re highly courteous and respectful. With this group, that shouldn’t be a worry: there’s some really great people coming in.

There’s a slate of activities at GGWSC open to UChicago students and Polsky Exchange members; we’ll of course welcome everyone supporting the program to these activities. Additionally, we have a strong network of people in leadership and entrepreneurship and we believe in supporting and giving back to those that support us.

The biggest reason to do it is to help facilitate the learnings and growth of a great class of rising leaders, but it doesn’t hurt that this offers an opportunity to make some great connections and friendships along the way. Thank you for your support.