Success Stories

GiveGetWin Summer attendees have gone on to start successful companies, made lifelong friendships, and learn key lessons in entrepreneurship and leadership to thrive in the world.

Here’s what some of our past attendees have said about the program:

Russell Silver, GGWSC 2015
There are very few things that can truly prepare you for life after university—especially when you plan on that life being an entrepreneurial one. After 4 years of higher education, hundreds of hours of classes, dozens of books, and countless TedTalks, I can attest that nothing is 100% effective. But I can confidently say, minute for minute, that my experience at GGWSC was as close as it gets.
I break the entire experience down to 4 P’s, each of which are crucial factors to making it an incredibly rewarding and transformational experience.
People: You are led by top notch mentors who have been there, done that, and want to help you succeed. To add to the experience, there are countless speakers from all over the world that join (virtually and in-person) to share their stories and field your questions.
Peers: You are surrounded by a group of extraordinary individuals, who have all gone through a serious vetting process to be there with you. What truly makes it great is the  diversity of backgrounds, nationalities, skills, and personalities. The mix enhances the entire experience and helps build friends around the world that you will speak to for years to come.
Practical Skills: You learn the tools, tips, tricks, and techniques to start and run a business, from A to Z. Unlike the “fluff” that you read in a textbook or practice in a classroom, you learn real lessons and put them to the live test in the same day. This practical application makes the lessons stick, and show you how effective they can really be.
Personal Development: The program is a glimpse of what real life looks like for those trying to work outside the “9 to 5 world”. You were encouraged to start as early as you wanted, work as late as you could, and truly test yourself to see what you can achieve without succumbing to distractions. It’s a way to grow as a person, and with repetition, it sticks.
Now, about a year and a half later, I have founded and continue to run a tech company. I use the skills I learned at GGW every day, and continue to stay in close touch with a number of the peers and mentors.
Charbel Bourjas, GGWSC 2016
GiveGetWin (GGW) was one of the most challenging and intense learning experiences that I have gone through. At the same time, it was the most rewarding experiences of my life. After 16 days of relentless hands-on training, I had a whole toolbox to now use at my disposal.
Shortly after completing GGW, I founded Refuelpac. With a cofounder, I created a recyclable battery that charges smartphones. When we ordered our first batch of batteries, we went downtown and set up a table and sold a bunch directly to customers. GGW instilled in me the “just go out and do it” method. We had enough interest that our idea was validated.
I was able to directly use skills that I learned in GGW when launching my business. I had the ability to successfully cold-call suppliers, vendors and sponsors to set up deals. I was able to utilize the connections that I made at GGW to find awesome mentors that are still advising me today. GGW was what jumpstarted my entrepreneurial journey, and I cannot recommend it enough.

Gwen Yi, GGWSC 2016

If you’re young, ambitious, digitally savvy, and think you might have a shot at running your own online business, GiveGetWin summer camp is absolutely the right place for you. In just 2 weeks with Sebastian, I’ve learned more about sales, business and marketing than I have my entire life – and that’s saying a lot, having dabbled in this field for the past 3 years. Sebastian is magnanimous throughout the program: from sharing his personal insights to inviting his personal friends as speakers, he personally ensures that every attendee walks away with new connections, practical experience, and a renewed sense of purpose.

But mind you, GGW is intense. You work from dawn to dusk. You don’t go out and party after. You listen, learn, tweak, iterate, strategize, execute – non-stop, for 2 weeks. All in the company of amazing, kind-hearted, supportive achievers. No one introduces themselves; in fact, I only found out how stellar my colleagues were through snippets of conversation over take-out lunches. Everyone is humble, but hungry – focused on maximizing the value they give and take out of this program. It’s a delicious, wholesome brain bath. I loved it, and I would whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to push themselves to the next level.


Mathias Weibel, GGWSC 2016

I arrived at Give Get Win with no real business skills or knowledge, not knowing what to expect. I was surprised to begin bonding almost immediately with a diverse group of thoughtful, talented people from around the world. Kai and Sebastian quickly defined the objective and set in motion a rare environment where we were expected to both compete fiercely and help each other out selflessly, in order to learn as much as possible.
The camp involves tons of practical instruction mixed with insightful discussions on strategy. The series of one-hour talks by entrepreneurs with different backgrounds was a highlight. It’s easy to put together a string of successful people who can shell out truisms about business, but these talks were so distinct and valuable that each one seemed unbeatable in the moment. It was like getting a rare insight from an industry veteran over a cocktail… about 14 times in a row.
Sebastian is dedicated to providing tough, accurate critiques of each member at the camp, in real time and in private sessions. The instruction was always aimed at the objective and the learning points were exploited quickly to benefit everyone in the group. By connecting fundamental skills to a real charity goal and exposing the participants to the difficulties involved in the deal-making process, Sebastian and Kai have created a focused, effective training environment for business.
Two and a half weeks after arriving at the camp, I walked out with a much clearer idea of what it takes to be successful, and a detailed plan to re-invigorate the small business I had started earlier that year. As a former military pilot and someone who always seeks immersive training when I learn something new, I can say that GGWSC offers a training package as intense and results-oriented as anything you can ask for.
Zach Obront, GiveGetWin 2013-2014
GiveGetWin is to entrepreneurship what basic training is to the army. No fluff, no abstract theory, just in-the-mud experience, mentorship, and coaching to finely tune the skills and mindsets you need to succeed. In a world where entrepreneurship is often taught with textbooks, GiveGetWin puts you in the arena and shows you what real business looks like. It’s the first place I point young entrepreneurs looking to hone their skills and become true professionals.
Ester Ciurana, GGWSC 2015
It changed my life. I wouldn’t be on my own, working in Ireland. No fears — to travel, to go for a client, to work on my own business. I was afraid before — I couldn’t believe that I could move forward. I was working as a waitress in Vancouver before I came to GiveGetWin Summer Camp and now I’m running my own business. It’s changed my life.
Jesse Sussman, GGWSC 2016
“GiveGetWin’s summer camp was more valuable to me than 4 years of university. The morning lectures cover insightful and practical lessons in entrepreneurship and leadership, but the best part is that the entire camp is structured around experiential learning—unlike in most educational settings, you’ll actually be practicing the theory you learn in real-time; it’s like the difference between reading about how to play soccer versus actually being on the field. The instructors and mentors are absolutely world-class: knowledgeable, helpful, and genuinely want you to succeed. If you want to level up your entrepreneurship and leadership skills, you should definitely consider applying to GiveGetWin’s summer camp—it was one of the most transformative experiences of my life.”