Sebastian Marshall and Kai Zau will be the primary hosts of GiveGetWin Summer Camp, there daily to mentor and push you to reach the heights of your ability. Sebastian Marshall is Executive Director at GiveGetWin, author of Ikigai, Gateless, and Roguelike, and has consulted for high-tech and finance companies on three continents. Marshall and Zau co-instructed MIT’s Global Startup Lab South Africa, with Zau as the technical lead and Marshall instructing sales and customer development.

“Sebastian is an incredible speaker. After making a long detour to speak at the University of Florida’s Entrepreneurship Club on his GiveGetWin Speaking Tour, He and his speaking partner Kai had been well prepared for any sized crowd.” — David Nassau, President of the Entrepreneurship Club at UFlorida

“Sebastian can create revenue from barren wastelands. Working personally with Sebastian, I have launched projects just from cold calls or cold emails that led to tens of thousands of dollars of revenue and ongoing stable business. We’ve negotiated deals with luxury brands to do service trades in exchange for free room and amazing food at high-end hotels and he helped me live for free in a large luxury boutique rental apartment by helping negotiate a service trade with the owners. He is amazing to work with and travel with, it’s always both fun and business focused, and his knowledge of sales, hiring, and management are unparalled. Jump on it if you get an opportunity to work with him. He’ll bring you to the next level, and to levels you didn’t even know existed or were possible.” — Stepan Parunashvili, Scientific Technologist at Facebook


There’s also a wide variety of speakers and mentors who are world-class at what they do, including…

Zach Obront: Built his startup BookinaBox to over $6M in revenue in under three years.
Miguel Hernandez: Runs the Grumo Media animation studio as a high-six-figures business with no full-time employees, a master of automation, processes, and high-quality work. Regularly produces animation for YCombinator startups, Microsoft, Ashton Kutcher, and other top clients.
Stepan Parunashvili: Became the youngest programmer at Facebook when was acquired, sharing lessons on skill development and batting above your league.
Eden Full: Mechanical engineer, inventor of the Sun Saluter which is deployed in over 16 countries improving solar efficiency.
Danielle Strachman and Michael Gibson run the 1517 Fund and formerly ran the Thiel Fellowship, sharing advice on how to build more grit and effectiveness into your personality and how you do things, and what venture capitalists look for when funding new teams.
Greg Nance: UChicago and Cambridge alum, founder of Moneythink while at UChicago (honored at the White House by President Obama) and, ultramarathoner who regularly runs 100+ mile races, sharing on how to cultivate persistence and endurance through hard and challenging work.
Ivan Mazour: Cambridge-trained mathematician, investor, and Founder/CEO of Ometria sharing on how to apply simple mathematical insights to working more effectively and reaching business and life goals.


… and many more. These are world-class thinkers who are sharing the type of intimate, intense, and highly practical lessons to make you a better entrepreneur, leader, and all-around effective person.