GiveGetWin Summer Camp features lectures via Skype and in-person at the UChicago’s Polsky Exchange (formerly the CIE).

While the core GGWSC program is apply only (see the Home Page for details, and Apply Here if interested), the lectures with topic experts in their fields are available to members of the Polsky Exchange and all UChicago students.

Additionally, if you’re interested in entrepreneurship but not a Polsky Exchange member nor a UChicago student, contact us if you’d like to attend.


Monday 12 June, 11AM: Zac Cohn

Zac Cohn is an innovator in three domains: in parkour (the sport where they jump off buildings, over obstacles, etc), in entrepreneurship (at Startup Weekend as an organizer, and building a number of side projects including Amazing Airfare which was acquired), and in innovation in government for both the State of Washington and on the Federal level. He’s helped implement public transparency Trello boards for the EPA, saved California hundreds of millions of dollars, inspired and pioneered the sport of parkour, and lived an intensely interesting life. Hear some terrific stories and learn greater creativity and innovation skills with Zac Cohn.

Tuesday 13 June, 11AM: Miguel Hernandez

DO NOT MISS THIS LECTURE FROM MIGUEL HERNANDEZ, THE CEO OF GRUMO MEDIA! Miguel’s company produces short animation videos for YCombinator companies, Ashton Kutcher, Microsoft, Fidelity, and many others. At this lecture, Miguel will extremely generously open up his financials and the three dozen steps he took to automate a field notoriously difficult to automate — creative video production. Miguel’s company does high six figures of business annually, and he’s a mix of one the most insightful, giving, and hilarious people you’ll ever learn from.

Wednesday 14 June, 11AM: Zach Obront

Zach Obront is the cofounder of the highly successful “Book in a Box” startup, which helps new authors turn their ideas and words into a professionally published book in under 20 hours of author time. BIAB reached over $3 million in annual revenue in under two years under Zach’s leadership: in this lecture, Zach will share the mix of leadership, sales, and entrepreneurship skills to get new ventures and projects off the ground and going fast.

Thursday 15 June, 11AM: Kai Zau

How do you get everything done, given you’ve got a million things that are worth doing, but only 168 hours each week? Learn some master operationalist Kai Zau: open-source developer, technical consultant to some of the top companies in the world, and one of the most pragmatically organized people you’ll ever meet. Learn practical lessons about navigating time and personal operations to get an immense amount done.

Friday 16 June, 11AM: Stepan Parunashvili

Stepan Parunashvili became one of the youngest programmers at Facebook when Wit.AI was acquired… though it wasn’t automatic! Not fitting Facebook’s typical hiring pedigree, Stepan was forced to rapidly learn algorithms, from scratch, or he would not have been invited to stay on at Facebook after it was acquired (he was originally Wit’s second non-founding employee). Stepan will share lessons about learning, mastery, and how to be around opportunities for mastery in your field — like how he chose to work at Wit.AI over more established companies for the growth potential, which paid-off. This lecture will be very valuable for both technical and non-technical people who can benefit from being more mastery-oriented.


Monday 19 June, 11AM: Taylor Pearson

Taylor Pearson is the #1 best-selling author of “The End of Jobs” and has become one of the top young essayists for entrepreneurs around the world. Before writing his bestseller, Taylor had built a terrific background in high-dollar sales, marketing, and automation/efficiency. He’s got terrific lessons on how to ensure your marketing is great, how to hustle to get initial sales for a new offering, and how to figure out the highest payoff activities for company marketing and sales growth.

Tuesday 20 June, 11AM: Carlos Miceli

Ever heard someone complain about not having enough advantages? They’ll have a hard time complaining after hearing Carlos Miceli’s lecture. Nowadays an accomplished businessmen on three continents, Carlos will share how he originally developed his English speaking by reaching out to strangers and asking to get on a Skype call, how he found mentors by offering to do free work, and how he followed up and capitalized on all these opportunities — where his path has now brought him to top work in Argentina, Chile, the USA, Mexico, and Estonia among other places.

Wednesday 21 June, 11AM: Danielle Strachman and Michael Gibson

Financing a startup shouldn’t be a mystery: Angels and Venture Capitalists all have different investing philosophies, but there’s strong commonalities between them. Hear directly from Danielle Strachman and Michael Gibson, the General Partners of SF’s 1517 Fund, on how to (1) ensure you’re developing over the long-term into the type of founder who gets funded, (2) test and evaluate your ideas for market traction, and (3) cultivate relationships with top financiers over time, so that when the time comes to fund your great idea, you’ve already got the mindset, skills, understandings, and relationships to make it possible.

Thursday 22 June, 11AM: Greg Nance

Greg Nance is a winner across many domains — now CEO of Dyad.com, a venture-funded EdTech startup in Shanghai, he previously built the award-winning nonprofit Moneythink during his time at UChicago, won the state debate championship in high school in Washington State, attended Cambridge for his MPhil as a Gates Scholar, and has competed in some of the most intense ultra-endurance events on the planet. Nance will share with you what’s needed for mental toughness, mental focus, and how to pick the right things to do to thrive and win across the key endeavors of your life.

Friday 23 June, 11AM: Marian Zizzo

Ever wonder how super-connectors do it? Learn from Marian Zizzo. She seems to know everyone in Silicon Valley, and has worked with the World Bank, Hult International Business School, the Full Circle Fund, and too many other organizations to count. Many people spend the time and effort to build terrific relationships, but don’t know how to turn those into real-world results and interesting opportunities — Marian will share her stories and methodologies. One of the most giving and wonderful people you’ll ever meet, Marian is also intensely practical and will give you great tactical guidance on how to build great relationships, keep them strong, and use that to ensure you’re doing great things in the world.

Major Lessons Learned, Speeches, Awards: Sunday 25 June, Afternoon, Exact Time TBD.