The GiveGetWin Summer Camp curriculum has been developed since 2012, and has helped dozens of of elite performers learn the skills to thrive in entrepreneurship and leadership, many of whom have gone on after graduating to start successful businesses ranging from lifestyle businesses that support the founder doing what they love, to fast growth startups (Zach Obront founded BookInABox, which did over $6 million in revenue in its third year of operation.) Attendees have also gone on to work in some of the most innovative companies in the world (Lisa Larbi from GGWSC16 now works at Facebook) and had success across a wide range of leadership and social activities in addition to business.

We’re proud of our success, and we attribute it to the fact that we built our curriculum around a simple powerful idea: actually doing the core aspects of entrepreneurship, business, and leadership in a real-world context is the fastest way to deep skill learning.

You’ll receive hands-on training including in-person and Skype lectures from experts in their field. You’ll use the skills you learn to put together actual real-world $100 to $500 charity deals, in a model we’ve proven and pioneered since 2012. (We have no salaries, benefits, or convenience: all proceeds go to charity.)

“I joined GiveGetWin to learn entrepreneurship skills, and that’s what I learned – entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, how to sell myself and how to sell products… I also learned social skills, how to reach out to top people, collaborate to them, reach out to my heroes… and I got to do good for the world. If you’re thinking of applying, I recommend you do. It’s been life changing for me.” – Chiara Cokieng

The program runs from 10th June to 25th June. On every regular program day, there will be a lecture that rotates between the Four Skill Clusters you’ll be learning:

I. “Value Creation” Cluster… because there actually is a method in the madness of creating new products, services, and experiences. R&D, Researching and Understanding Markets, Strategic Thinking and Planning, Goals, Customer Development

II. “Verbal Skills” Cluster… because humans primarily communicate through words. Outreach, sales, partnerships, negotiations, presentation skills, active listening, social/soft skills, speaking clearly, closing, etc.

III. “Distribution Skills” Cluster… because building a better mousetrap ain’t enough in a busy world; you need customers to find and buy your mousetrap too. Refining new products/services based on customer feedback and iteration, scoping, copywriting, features and benefits, collateral creation, getting distribution channels going, marketing plans, spreadsheet-style targeting, etc.

IV. “Value Delivery” Cluster… because the best customer is the repeat customer. Followthrough, followup, ensuring the win, creating great experiences, and creating customer evangelists who love to spread the word.

You’ll learn hands-on from a wide variety of mentors who are exceptional at what they do, and from on-the-ground instructors giving personalized feedback as you actually put your new skills into action, improve rapidly, and achieve results.

We start with a major Kickoff event that helps you understand learning skills faster, repetitions, measurement, dealing with nerves and pressure in whatever area comes hardest to you (it varies by person),  and then being systematic once you’ve mastered the basics.

On the final day, we’ll have an award ceremony and program attendees will be able to present about their biggest lessons learned, fears gotten over, and accomplishments made.