10th June 2017 to 25th June 2017:
Two Weeks of Free Entrepreneurship Training
at the University of Chicago’s Polsky Exchange

This June in Chicago, the GiveGetWin Summer Program returns for its third edition with free, intense training in entrepreneurship and leadership skills.

You’re going to learn skills that are very difficult and expensive to learn. Training is intense over the two weeks. Your limits will be pushed, and you’re going to come out the end of the program much more mentally tough, much more skilled, and with a lot of really amazing lifelong friends.

That’s the most important thing for us – that our attendees are the type of driven, exceptional, fast-learning, committed people we like to associate with… and who want to spend time with others who like to high-achieve and push themselves.

The program is very selective, but if you’re accepted, it is free to attend. You’ll be learning from people who are world-class at what they do and proven in a variety of industries. And most importantly – you’re going to be around other exceptional people who really want to push themselves to learn more, know more, do more, serve more, get better, do better, be better.

Is that you?

You can find out more about the program on this page, and may click here to apply.


CIE_interactiveGiveGetWin Summer 2017 will be held at UChicago’s Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship


1. What You’ll Learn
2. Testimonials
3. Our Mentors
4. Daily Schedule
5. The Cost? Free
6. Is This Right For You?
7. The Application Process


Learn Entrepreneurship and Leadership Skills,
Quickly and Effectively

Entrepreneurship skills and leadership skills aren’t just for people who want to build a company.

Being able to make things happen in projects, present and sell your ideas, communicate well, stay organized, and execute – this is what lets you build a business, yes, but also launch your own creative projects, nonprofit projects, find your dream job, and have a bigger impact in an organization and more control over your life.

Why don’t more people learn these skills?

Being able to create, market, sell, work with people, get things done, make it happen – this is great. It feels great. It pays well. It means you can have a more positive impact on the world and be in more control of your life.

Why doesn’t everyone learn them?

Two reasons: they’re usually terrifying to learn and incredibly complex.

We’ve got that solved.

GiveGetWin’s approach to training is designed to have a deep skills transfer by actually doing and getting results and doing good for the world.

Participants will learn all core aspects of business and entrepreneurship, and then use the skills in real time to set up charity deals. This involves reaching out to an expert or company that the participant admires (creating supply) and then connecting with relevant audience who are interested in buying that that expert or company’s product, service, or time. 100% of the proceeds go to charity. (GiveGetWin is 100% volunteer-run with no salaries, benefits, or convenience expenses.)

You’re going to learn the skills you need to build your own company, to build a not-for-profit organization, or to be highly in demand among employers. At the end of the program, you’ll understand people better, understand business better, and have better-developed social skills, entrepreneurship skills, and leadership skills.


Take It From 2013’s Top GiveGetWinner

“I joined GiveGetWin to learn entrepreneurship skills, and that’s what I learned – entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, how to sell myself and how to sell products… I also learned social skills, how to reach out to top people, collaborate to them, reach out to my heroes… and I got to do good for the world. If you’re thinking of applying, I recommend you do. It’s been life changing for me.” – Chiara Cokieng

chiara nycChiara Cokieng working at Ace Hotel, New York City

Chiara successfully set up charity deals through cold outreach with a number of her heroes, including Derek Sivers (built the largest independent music distributor online, CDBaby, and later sold it for $22M), Noah Bradley (artist who has been the illustrator for Magic the Gathering cards among other things), and Charlie Hoehn (author and marketer; was the Special Projects Director for Tim Ferriss and Ramit Sethi’s bestselling book launches).

Chiara: “It sounds embarrassing, but I was actually afraid of getting on the phone with people when I started. I learned how to reach out to people via email and phone, got feedback on what to talk about and how to make sure things weren’t awkward, and then put marketing materials together so people could buy the charity deal. I never thought it would be so fast to improve from where I was at.”


A Look At 2016 GGWSC

Clockwise from top-left: attendees watching a lecture; the mathematician, investor, and CEO of Ometria, Ivan Mazour, presenting on highly practical and easily-applied math to entrepreneurship; attendees working in the Polsky Exchange; Lisa Larbi working on her presentation skills (Lisa graduated Northwestern in 2017 and now works at Facebook); Kai Zau presenting on apps and technology; GGWSC16 attendees Jesse Sussman (graduated NYU’s music program in 2016) and Mathias Weibel (graduated the U.S. Naval Academy and served in the U.S. Marine Corps as a helicopter pilot and forward air controller) having lunch and forming the start of their friendship. 

This will be the third GiveGetWin Summer Camp at the Polsky Exchange, and we’ve been privileged to have exceptional attendees from many different countries and walks of life, along with terrific world-class mentors coming to share their lectures.

We’re proud of our results and looking forward to having another excellent group in 2017.

Hands-On Mentorship

MuSlLonKbDGR1Sfd4zw1SgHG1MtxEm-D1QFb0YwkQJESebastian Marshall

Your core instructors during Summer Camp will be Sebastian Marshall and Kai Zau.

“I’d like to personally recommend Sebastian Marshall. No one that I know has his mind for numbers mixed with his people skills: logic, analytics, sales, marketing, operations, designing and doing, the full package. Before my work at ChaseFuture, I had a background in finance at Merrill Lynch and Cambridge University Business School. I’ve had a chance to work with many high-level people in my career: few compare to Sebastian Marshall in his functional roles; no one compares in his strategic roles. Marshall is someone you want in your corner.” — Greg Nance, CEO of ChaseFuture

Marshall is executive Director of CPNC/GiveGetWin, and will share with you what he’s learned from consulting and working on three continents, and doing seven figures of consulting, adding eight figures+ of new business to his clients (nine if you count finance), and having closed hundreds of thousands of dollars of sales.

“Beyond being an ispiring guy to work with, Sebastian is as skilled of a salesman and marketer that I’ve met.” — Taylor Pearson

Sebastian can create revenue from barren wastelands. Working personally with Sebastian, I have launched projects just from cold calls or cold emails that led to tens of thousands of dollars of revenue and ongoing stable business. We’ve negotiated deals with luxury brands to do service trades in exchange for free room and amazing food at high-end hotels and he helped me live for free in a large luxury boutique rental apartment by helping negotiate a service trade with the owners. He is amazing to work with and travel with, it’s always both fun and business focused, and his knowledge of sales, hiring, and management are unparalled. Jump on it if you get an opportunity to work with him. He’ll bring you to the next level, and to levels you didn’t even know existed or were possible.” — Stepan Parunashvili, Scientific Technologist at Facebook

In 2011, Marshall started limiting his consulting to a ceiling of 20 hours per week, spending the rest of time on nonprofit, educational, scientific, and creative projects.

lXKnBXsfpOLOJqdZhbz7NKk7BdQ8w0OmzI0a9ABByGgKai Zau

Kai Zau is a programmer who developed and released the popular Font Custom open-source library, has developed products for Groupon and Shopify, and led a distributed international team at TapForge.

Kai was previously one of the instructors of the acclaimed 2014 MIT Global Startup Lab program in Johannesburg, serving as technical lead.

“I continue to learn game-changing methods from Kai.  He is a no-nonsense thinker and doer.  No matter the game, you’re going to want him on your team.” — Bryan Hernandez, MIT GSL Team Lead

Marshall and Zau will be on the ground for the entire program. Additionally, mentors with specific skillsets will be attending and instructing on their specialist skill, including:


Clockwise from left: Danielle Strachman and Michael Gibson from the 1517 Fund; Eden Full, Mechanical Engineer and Founder/Inventor of the SunSaluter; Greg Nance, Founder of Moneythink and Dyad.com; Zach Obront, Founder and CEO of BookinaBox

Speakers/mentors include…

Ben Rubin (cofounder Zeo and Change Collective, raised over $30M in venture capital);
Eden Full (mech engineer, inventor of Sun Saluter, deployed in 16 countries improving solar efficiency);
Judd Weiss (became a self-made millionaire at age 24 in commercial real estate, instructing on sales, attitude, and verbal skill);
Stepan Parunashvili (became the youngest programmer at Facebook when wit.ai was acquired, on skill development and batting above your league);
Jason Shen (NCAA champion gymnast at Stanford, cofounder YCombinator-funded Ridejoy, Presidential Innovation Fellow at the Smithsonian, on habit formation and mental toughness);
Miguel Hernandez (runs Grumo Media animation studio, has done demo videos for YCombinator combanies as well as animations for Ashton Kutcher, Microsoft, others)

…and a number of other very talented people.

What You’ll Be Doing Each Day at Summer Camp

Every morning you will learn a specific skill; every afternoon you will go through the process of applying the skill hands-on and doing it with the support of the mentors.

The daily regiment and major events are:

  • Daily Lectures from world-class experts every day at 11AM.
  • Working hands-on in UChicago’s beautiful Polsky Exchange in a morning and afternoon session.
  • You’re free during lunchtime and evenings to hang out with fellow team members, or catch up on whatever you like.
  • You’ll get 1-on-1 time related to the skills you’re currently training with Marshall, Zau, and other mentors.
  • You’ll train these skills in depth by putting together charity deals.
  • Tracking your successes so that you can receive proper credit for it. American citizens and permanent residents will be eligible for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award signed by President Obama, and we’ll also record your specific successes and ensure you get reviews and testimonials from the deals you put together.
  • A major Kickoff event that goes into behavior change, establishing habits, processes, and consistency — to get you learning faster and retaining the skills.
  • A Grand Finale event where attendees do short presentations on their biggest lesson or biggest fear overcame. We’ll prepare you for this, and you’ll benefit with increased public speaking ability and it’s terrific for both attendees and the audience who comes out to see it.

The best way to learn skills is not theory, but actually getting repetitions in the skill in conditions that closely mirror how you’ll deal with it in the real world.

Entrepreneurship is hard to do that, though: there’s so many moving pieces. This is what we aim to solve: you’ll be using your skills in the real world, but you’ll be doing under expert guidance in a fixed scope capacity, and get real-time feedback.

We’ve been doing this since 2012 and it’s an exceptional way to build your skills. At the end of the program, you’ll have developed new abilities in all the core capacities of entrepreneurship and developed many new social/soft skills.


If You’re Selected, Attending Is Free

There is no charge to attend to GiveGetWin Summer Camp if you’re selected. This is possible since GiveGetWin is working with the University of Chicago’s Polsky Exchange to bring unique programming to Polsky, while Polsky makes their amazing workspaces available to our attendees.


cie space photoThe UChicago Polsky Exchange opened doors in October 2014: the Polsky North space is modern, clean, with fast WiFi, strong coffee, and smart people buzzing all around.

The Polsky Exchange opened doors in October 2014, and under the leadership of Tom Ancona who heads up Incubation and Programming, and have held 350 events bringing in over 10,000 visitors. Tom also works directly with start-ups on strategy, fundraising, and business development.

Meanwhile, mentors and instructors are serving on a volunteer basis. We all like get a kick both of seeing young and ambitious people develop their skills rapidly, and doing cool things for the world. We know you’re going to make some good lifelong friends here — and we plan to as well. We do this because we love working with talented and driven people to do cool things.

cie skydeck marshallMarshall presenting on the Polsky Skydeck during the Gotta Be Good Tour 2014.

This will be GiveGetWin’s fourth collaboration with the Polsky Exchange, having held Gotta Be Good Events in Spring 2014 and Winter 2015, and holding GGW Summer Camp the last two years.

Attendees will be responsible for their own transit expenses and lodging in Chicago. Summer housing is available at the University of Chicago for attendees; more details are on the logistics page.


Is This For You?

We’re looking for people who…

  • Believe in reaching mastery,
  • Are into making things happen,
  • Like working hard,
  • Know that it’s possible to develop one’s skills and effectiveness through training,
  • Have shown a past history of overcoming obstacles and achieving.

The majority of applications from attendees have been from undergraduates, graduate students, and recent graduates from North America, though there’s no specific age-related requirements.

Broadly, we find two types of people are successful with us:

The first type are diligent, systematic, consistent, and like following processes and learning quickly. They tend to have solid to excellent grades and solid performance in extracurricular activities. We’ve historically been excellent at coaching these people up and helping them reach greater heights of success.

The second type are highly outcomes oriented, systems thinking, and focus relentlessly on achieving the goal — often in creative and novel ways. These candidates are traditionally harder to evaluate, but we know that creative mavericks have a lot of upside. This type of candidate might have worse grades and worse traditional achievement metrics, broken up by occasional large and brilliant successes.

In either case, we look positively on teamwork, social/soft skills, learning ability, consistency, mental toughness, and ability to take action under pressure. If a candidate is mentally tough and has a consistent work ethic, we’ve got the background experiences to teach just about every other skill.

The Application Process

It’s free to both apply and, if you’re accepted, attend GiveGetWin Summer Camp in Chicago.

Please click here to find the initial application.

The initial application will take between 4 and 10 minutes. We’ll follow up within five business days to let you know if we’ve brought you into consideration in the next stage, follow up to learn a bit more about you, and schedule an interview via Skype with one of our team.

If you’re accepted, we’ll work with you to coordinate your travel logistics and lodging in Chicago (on campus or at a home stay) if desired, and then work hands on intensely with you.

You’re going to learn an immense amount of skills, and we’re selecting some of the very best people from around the United States. You’re going to make some terrific friendships.

To get started, click here to apply today — we look forward to hearing from you.

Please apply as soon as possible. We’re going to take the best candidates as they pass until there are no more slots available.


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GiveGetWin’s Summer Program at UChicago Polsky Exchange

10 June 2017 to 25 June 2017
Two weeks of deep skills training in entrepreneurship, leadership, and people skills.
For more information, go to http://summer.givegetwin.com

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